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Wii Weight Loss

Wii Weight Loss? Although not primarily designed with weight loss in mind Nintendo’s Wii sports game has found a place in the hearts of many people who realised that they could play games or sport simulations, have some fun, and lose weight at the same time.

The first Wii Sports games came on the scene a few years ago and were limited in their use for weight loss as the player was not moving about very much, just using hand and arm movements.

The introduction of the Wii balance board changed all that, bringing with it a variety of sporting pursuits and fitness games that required poise and balance plus a range of exercises that would tax several different muscle groups in the body.

A particularly good range of activities for Wii weight loss weight is included in EA’s Sports Active program. This is almost a “gym in a box” such is the range of exercises and activities. There is a choice of categories for cardio, lower body, upper body, and sports.

The collection includes running on a track, squats and lunges, bicep curls, boxing with targets and a heavy bag, skating, aerobic dancing, swinging a tennis racquet, and so on. All you do is watch a workout leader onscreen and follow the movements which are mimicked by your in-game avatar.

The great variety of Wii weight loss activities keeps the game feeling fresh even after many days. It’s difficult to get bored when you can switch between so many different exercises for different muscle groups.

The emphasis of the activities is aerobic, focussing on speed and flexibility, rather than strength. Boxing for example, is more about fast punches of the heavy bag rather than serious heavy blows.

This Wii weight loss program gives you the choice each day, not only of the type of exercise but also the intensity, low, medium or high, plus an idea of calories burned.

It's probably best to view the Nintendo Wii Fit and similar sports and fitness programs as an adjunct to losing weight.

The exercise is good, but you really need to also cut back on calorie intake in order to lose weight. Provided that you follow a sensible low fat diet plan and use the Nintendo Wii regularly, say five times per week, then you will lose weight.

The first few pounds may be the hardest to shift, but, once you get into the routine and increase your exercise load gradually, then you should find weight loss accelerates.

One of the biggest problems people face when trying to lose weight with Wii Fit is that they do the same workouts every day, and don’t bother to try new ones. The secret is to try them all, and alternate them in order to work different groups of muscles.

Another Wii sports tip is to increase the number of repetitions of an exercise or the time taken with it in order to encourage your body to do more and more. The body gets used to a level of exercise, and then weight levels will plateau.

You may be satisfied with just a little benefit from your Wii but you could be surprised just how much can be achieved. Unless you set your target and have a go you will never know!

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