Zero Points Vegie Soup

A true low fat soup recipe!

Zero Points Veggie Soup© Fischer Food Design

What I like the most of the Zero Points Vegie Soup is that this low fat soup recipe yields 6 huge "0 weight watchers' points" servings (about 3 cups each!) In moments of crisis (when you got the munchies and want to fill yourself up), this is the soup to have...

Just make sure you don't take this vegie soup late at night... or your bladder will keep you awake for a while. ;-)

Oh, well... I suppose you'd burn calories that way too!


1 can of diced tomatoes (425 g, or 14.5 oz) with onion and garlic.

2 cups of 99% fat free vegetable broth

2.5 cups of low fat chicken broth

5 cups V8 vegetable juice

0.5 kg (1 pound) frozen carrot slices

300 g (10 oz) sliced mushrooms

1 medium yellow squash (sliced)

1/4 cup capsicum (peppers)

Ground black pepper to taste

half a tsp Salt

2 Tbsp fresh parsley

1 tsp basil (dried or fresh, it's your call)

Nutritional Information:

Serves 6

Fat: < 1 g

Cal: 62

KJ: 260

WW: 0 Points

This is what you do:

Put all ingredients into crockpot and set on high. (I use a 4 1/2 quart Rival Oval Crockpot). Cook as long as desired (until veggies are as soft as you like). You can cook this on "low" power all day. I like to start it on "high" to get it up to temp.

*faster Puree half of vegies in small batches in the blender or use a hand-blender right in the turned off crock pot.

Freeze the vegie soup in plastic containers in desired quantities. Thaw and reheat in microwave or stove top.

Source: The Low Fat Soup Recipes Collection

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